Beware of Increased Federal Enforcement of Marijuana Laws

The White House has announced that states will be subject to “greater enforcement” of the federal laws against marijuana use. This would have an obvious effect on states that have legalized the recreational use of marijuana. However, this could also have a trickle down effect on how marijuana laws are enforced even at the local level. Michigan has strong legislation regarding the medical use of marijuana, but this recent announcement may place those individuals at risk at the federal level.

While the new administration has made comments that they support medical marijuana, a federal crack-down on states where it has been legalized could also impact growing operations and distributors of medical marijuana. Even though a state passes laws legalizing certain forms of medical marijuana, it is still classified as an illegal drug in the federal statutes.

If you are facing marijuana charges in Michigan, you need to be aware of your rights. You have the right to be free from unwarranted searches and seizures based on the 4th Amendment. If the government violates any of those rights, all of the evidence gathered against you could be thrown out by a judge. An experienced criminal trial attorney can look at your case and challenge the evidence. Attorney Gary Lazar is an experienced lawyer and can diagnose your claims and defenses before you speak with a judge or prosecutor.

Many individuals are under the false impression that due to the widespread legalization of marijuana, enforcement in Michigan will not be as harsh. This is simply not the case. The penalties for using and possessing marijuana are still severe and can affect your future well after your case is closed. Consult with an experienced attorney like Gary Lazar BEFORE you speak to the police, appear in court, or speak to the prosecutors. Your future could depend on your decisions made after an arrest.

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